Failed, why be afraid?

Are you afraid of failure? So fear you, to the point that you do not attempt to try. Let’s think back to it really makes no sense. By not trying even though, in fact you have failed. So the fear of failure is the cause of failure is certain.

Are you afraid?  Take a look that makes you afraid:

  • Note the message that trying to say.
  • Fear makes you more alert.
  • Fear gives additional power.
  • Fear makes you able to overcome the most difficult challenges.
  • There is nothing can push to the outer limits of your abilities more than fear.

Real fear was created to help you further, not to detain you. Let it teach you. Let the fear to help prepare you. But do not make the fear stop you. When fear hold you, try to notice as possible what caused the fear, and find a reason to move forward.

The biggest failure is the failure to take action. If you’ve tried and failed, you have gained something that can be learned and perhaps try again. You will not fail if you keep trying.

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