“Safe” to eat instant noodles

I think these tips are very simple, but effective enough.
If you want to eat instant noodles, boil the noodles do not directly mixed spice,
allow some time continue to waste turns of the stove boiled water (not thrown noodles).

It’s definitely cooking water turbid yellowish-white color, it’s a preservative that was in the noodles.

Turn on the stove again and then enter a new cooking water which then enter drained noodles with seasoning and complement earlier.
After being cooked serve hot.


How to choose toys that are good for your child

Lists of toys that are safe and not safe.

The first step is to prepare a list of toys that are safe

1.      Beware of paint on the toys
Another danger could come from the existing paint on toys. Most paints contain lead that could be bad for children’s health. Read the label first before buying toys.

2.      Differentiate harmless plastic with a plastic material that is safe.
When the toy is made of plastic, is a bit difficult indeed, to see if the plastic is harmful or not. As a guideline, the parents just look for the recycling symbol on toy boxes. If there is a recycling symbol, it means that the toy comes from a plastic material that can be recycled and it is quite safe for the child.

3.      Avoid toys with small parts and easily broken.
Avoid toys with small parts, although the instructions contained in boxes of toys to suit the age of the child’s age. Moreover if the product is made from cheap materials, which will certainly not be durable, and easily damaged and broken.

Cincau ice with coconut milk

I love the Green Cincau. This grass jelly served with boiled coconut milk and brown sugar liquid, sometimes with an added ice cubes. Green grass jelly is believed to make the stomach feel cool, whether true or not I myself was not quite know.

Hmmm … the fresh Cincau Green iced …..

Coconut Milk Ice Cincau Gravy recipe:
• 250 grams of green grass jelly
• 1.5 liters coconut milk from 1 coconut
• salt to taste
• 1 sheet of fragrant pandan leaves, conclude
• 200 ml brown sugar syrup, ready to buy
• shaved ice to taste

How to Make Coconut Milk Gravy Ice Cincau:
A. Combine coconut milk, salt, and fragrant pandan leaves. Simmer over medium heat while stirring occasionally until boiling. Remove and let the steam heat is lost.
2. Pour the sugar syrup in serving glasses.
3. Pour the coconut milk to taste.
4. Add the green grass jelly and shaved ice to taste. Serve.

Have a taste it.

Your computer becomes slow

Usually if we use a long time computers with programs that take more memory then the computer will become slow.Chances of that happening because there is still no trace of the data stored in RAM, so that our computer was so slow. One way to clean the RAM is to reboot the computer first. But it’s going to take a long time? and also we should close all applications that we currently use.

there is a much simpler way that can be done by anyone. Notice how below:

1. Right-click the mouse on the desktop, select New – Shortcut.

2. Type  %windir%\system32\rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks  on the field that appears.

3. Click Next.

4. Give the shortcut a name above, the name can be given freely as you desire, if not, his name automatically be rundll32.exe.

5. Click Finish.

Anytime your computer is slow, click the shortcut that you’ve created earlier to clear the RAM. Actually, it works almost the same principle as RAM Booster or similar applications. or if there is no effect, please take your savings and buy a new pc .. Just kidding bro ..

I hate Monday!!!

It sounds familiar, I’ve really experienced it.
Symptoms: hard to really open your eyes much less shower in the morning.
whole body felt sore
not longer imagine all the work and traffic jams.

What makes Monday so not to like?
Maybe everyone has their own opinion. But there is a possibility that turns our subconscious, is tell the truth to ourselves that our work is not actually a job that is “good” by the standards of ourselves based on religion or that we have.

But maybe if we do not have the ability to get another job “better”, brace yourself for what would be eating our wives and children if we do not work ………


Forward colleague info …

Ibrahim bin Adham was asked,
“We have been praying to Allah, but Allah did not grant our request?”

He said,
You have been knowledgeable about Allah, but you do not obey Him
You are reading the Quran, but do not practice it.
You know the evil Satan can chase, but you deal with.
You claim to love the Messenger, but you leave the Sunnah.
You said you wanted to go to heaven, but do not try to acquire it.
You claim you are afraid of hell, but you do not obey God.
You said the death was really close, but you do not prepare.
You’re busy with other people’s mistakes, but do not reflect your fault.
You eat food which Allah bestowed, but you are not grateful.
You bury the bodies of the dead, but never make a reflection.

Sources: Al-Khushoo ‘As-Salaat fee by bin Rajab Al-Hanbali, the Shaykh Ali Hasan tahqiq.


Knowledge is not enough: we must practice it.

Intention is not enough: we must do it.


Why is my prayer was not granted !!!

Relaxed first….

For those of us who daily running routine, not to mention the level of traffic jams in Jakarta is, perhaps once in a while to relex or just looking for an atmosphere that was different.

This is one place I took the family for a vacation. Bandung is just 2 hours to get there from Bekasi (if not blocked). This time where we were headed was Ciampelas Walk, because we like to eat and happened to have a place here that serves a variety preparations Tofu (my favorite).

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Failed, why be afraid?

Are you afraid of failure? So fear you, to the point that you do not attempt to try. Let’s think back to it really makes no sense. By not trying even though, in fact you have failed. So the fear of failure is the cause of failure is certain.

Are you afraid?  Take a look that makes you afraid:

  • Note the message that trying to say.
  • Fear makes you more alert.
  • Fear gives additional power.
  • Fear makes you able to overcome the most difficult challenges.
  • There is nothing can push to the outer limits of your abilities more than fear.

Real fear was created to help you further, not to detain you. Let it teach you. Let the fear to help prepare you. But do not make the fear stop you. When fear hold you, try to notice as possible what caused the fear, and find a reason to move forward.

The biggest failure is the failure to take action. If you’ve tried and failed, you have gained something that can be learned and perhaps try again. You will not fail if you keep trying.

Buying a Franchise

If you are considering buying a franchise then there are some things you must find out first. A legitimate franchising company is proud of its name and welcomes detailed investigations. A franchise can be a good way of investing providing that you do your homework.

Beware of any company that refuses to answer your questions. You should consult your accountant, your bank, a solicitor or a registered franchise adviser before you sign any contracts.