Dangers of children snacks

Though already provided our children their lunch from home sometimes still buy snacks as carried away by his friends. For it should be a good parents in arranging food for children, so snack outdoors can be ruled out. If you want to buy a snack at least chosen proper price and hygiene guaranteed. Even better if the food had been prepared from the home.

Let us see what are the dangers contained in the snacks:
1.  Artificial sweeteners and artificial coloring, small cakes, candies, jelly sold in the school environment, are not suitable for health. Artificial sweetener and artificial coloring had a cheaper price than natural sugar and specialty food coloring. However if these two objects are consumed in a long time, will cause disturbances in the body can cause to hyperactivity, cancer and mental disorders.

2. Raw water, some fresh drinks like cendol, syrups, and other dawet not all sellers use boiled water for his wares. This is due to high fuel prices that will not cover the sales prices. The lightest is the danger of diarrhea in our children.

3. Plastic packaging, almost all children snacks packaged in plastic. Though not all plastic safe for food and environmentally friendly. Plastic material made from a mixture of hazardous chemicals can contribute the occurrence of disease in the future.

4. Drug material, lately there are many cases of hawkers offering candy containing drugs. If true then our children can become addicted and drug-slaves in the future.